Will the USDJPY price continue its trend direction?

We last wrote about the USDJPY price action last November. Since then , the pair has retraced from its long term bearish movement . In that post price found support at level 102.660. Today price trades at 104 and fails to break past level 105.780 which currently acts major resistance level. Here is a link […]


USDJPY PRICE Pattern signals for continuous sell

Its been a while since we last wrote about the USDJPY . We lastly sent out an analysis of the pair in September. Here’s a link to the previous post ( Up until now the pair has performed well. Fortunately our VIP traders received good signals about this movement. The USDJPY price pattern has signaled […]


The USDJPY price action signals Short move.

Last month we sent out an analysis on the USDJPY price action. We also spoke about how its fundamental news also assisted the pair performance for past weeks. . Since then the pair has moved 60 pips bearish. Resuming its long term trend. We’ve kept our eye on this price action for a while […]


USDJPY price plummets as sellers stick to old bearish plans.

We last wrote about the USDJPY in June ( Looking at the pair, we noticed that the USDJPY had found Resistance on its bullish movement which was temporal. This resistance was set at the level 107.049 .Since then we’ve seen the USDJPY price plummets and follow its long term bearish movement. USDJPY Daily Chart 18 […]


The EURGBP price resists at key level(JUNE 25TH UPDATE)

On june 25th we wrote about the EURGBP pair.In that post,we addressed possibilities of a bullish continuation from its consolidation.( at the chart ,we see how the pair found support at level 0.90159. Throughout the pasts weeks, you may have noticed price move bullish from the support level. Since then, the EURGBP price resists at […]

USDJPY Price Action

USDJPY Price Action(8th-13th JUNE)

The USDJPY price action has proved to be a promising trade.The Pair has broken past resistance level.108.577 .This was our predetermined SR level from our last post on the 2nd of June. Since then the pair has then formed a new higher high from the previous high. Thus, also clearing fibonacci 23.6 which also acted […]

USDJPY Price Action


In our previous post we predicted an imminent break out price action for the USDJPY pair( In that post we noted that the Fibonacci level 38.2 acted as a support level. Price had to break past this level ,before we saw any strong bullish movement. In the chart we clearly see that price consolidated within that fibonacci […]

USDJPY Price Action


On April 8th we predicted an imminent bullish move on the USDJPY pair( that post we said that, only if Fibonacci level 23.6 was broken we could see prices soar bullishly. However, looking at today’s H4 time frame. You can clearly see the formation of falling wedge. USDJPY H4 chart 25 may 2020 Learn how […]

USDJPY Price Action

USDJPY: Signals for bullish continuation?

Since March 25, the USDJPY has been on a bearish course. This movement was a retracement from the bullish trend on the H4 charts and Daily. This move was expected to regain momentum and perhaps continue its bullish movement in due time. In today’s post ( USDJPY: Signals for bullish continuation?) we find out why […]