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At FXSits we equip our students with all the necessary knowledge and skills needed to successfully trade the forex markets. We focus on what really matters and train beginners on how to consistently trade the markets with ease. Our lectures teach you step by step when to buy and when to sell the markets. Our students learn the best forex trading strategies from market experts with years of experience. The physical and online classes provide an efficient and responsive learning environment that enhances students experience. At fxsits we provide support for ours students in all areas of study. Sign up for our classes and learn how to trade in the best Forex Trading School in Africa.

Metatrader 4 & 5 Trading platforms


(In class & online )

Outcome: We teach you in-depth all the important functionalities of either MT4 / MT5 platforms in order to trade with ease. After learning this course you will understand the functionality of either MT4 or MT5.

Strategy tester/Optimization & Simulation trading


(In class & online )

Forex Trading School

Outcome: Learn how to fully optimize your trading strategy to suit any current market condition, through forward and back testing.

The Strategy Tester operation is based on the history of financial instrument prices: a robot analyses historical data over a selected period. It then performs virtual operations according to its algorithm .The main advantage of the Strategy Tester is, the possibility to evaluate a robot/startegy performance prior to trading on a real account.

Another important utility of the Strategy Tester is the function of optimization. This allows testing a trading robot with various input parameters and selecting optimal values. Optimization of complex robots can turn into a very extensive process. However, it can be significantly shortened through the use of genetic algorithms.

Forex Courses

System & Strategies

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3 months Course

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