The NZDUSD hit its higher high. What does this mean for buyers?

Since the NZDUSD hit it higher high of 2020. We’ve noticed something different, the pair has been trading within Resistance level 0.71736 and support level 0.70070. The pair has been in a range for the pasts market sessions. Click on link for the previous analysis for proper understanding. . NZDUSD H4 chart 23 December […]


USDCAD signals a long term bearish move

The USDCAD signals a long term bearish move for 5 months now. We last wrote about the pair late last month. Check the link for reference. This bearish move is due to the Canadian dollar gaining strength over the US dollar. The Canadian economy has been performing better for the last 5 months. USDCAD […]

Gold vs Currencies

What is the Gold Standard?

There was once a time in history, where a monetary system was introduced to replace barter trade. The gold standard was originally implemented as a gold specie (money in the form of coins rather than notes) standard. However, this too ended. First, in the United Kingdom. Then, the rest of the world later followed suit […]