The USDCAD signals possible bearish continuation

USDCAD recently found support from its bearish trend. And now consolidates within support level 1.24701 and resistance level 1.28752 by the time of this writing . The pair broke its previous support level last week as soon as we sent out the previous analysis .The USDCAD signals bearish price action ( USDCAD H4 chart 2 […]


NDXm finds support at important level

We last spoke about the Nasdaq price action on the 22nd of February .In that post price plummeted bearishly to new lows. We also highlighted the possible areas price could be trading towards. In this post ( price traded at level 13444.6 .Today the NDXm (Nasdaq) finds support and moves bullish why is this so? […]


NZDUSD breaks past its higher high

The NZDUSD breaks past its 2020 higher high and now forms a new level at 0.73853. We lastly spoke about the pair when it was ranging within support level 0.69999 and resistance level 0.72894. The link below is a review of the previous. . NZDUSD H4 chart 24 February 2021 Learn how to trade […]


The Nasdaq price action plummets.So what now?

We last reported on the Nasdaq on the beginning of this month . In that post ( price traded at level 13591.2 which happened to be its higher high at the time. Well, since then price managed too soar bullish to highs as much as level 13902.9 where it found resistance. NDXm Daily chart 22 […]


Will Gold break past crucial support level ?

We last spoke about the XAUUSD on the 8th of February. In that post we mentioned how the pair found support at level 1786.30 . Today the price trades at the same level after sellers decide to push market bearish. Our analysts wonder whether price will find support at this level or will gold break […]



For sometime now the Lite coin (LTCUSD) has soared bullishly and has found resistance at price level 230. Since then it has retraced and now trades at price level 201. This happened after price found support at price level 185. In the last post the LTCUSD level 185 was the major resistance. . LTCUSD […]


The ethereum price finds resitance at higher high

We begun covering the ethereum price action since last year September. During that time price traded at $400 fast forward to today price now trades at 1784.02 at the time of this writing. This shows us how far the ETHUSD price action has moved from that time up until now. ETHUSD H4 chart 12 February […]


Will the USDJPY price continue its trend direction?

We last wrote about the USDJPY price action last November. Since then , the pair has retraced from its long term bearish movement . In that post price found support at level 102.660. Today price trades at 104 and fails to break past level 105.780 which currently acts major resistance level. Here is a link […]


Will the Litcoin continue its bullish momentum

Last week in our previous post ( we wrote about Litcoin. In that post price traded below level $159 which acted as our resistance level. Today price trades at $166, above the resistance level we mentioned in the previous post. LTCUSD H4 chart 9 February 2021 Learn how to trade Our analysts believe that price […]