The USDCAD price action consolidates between key areas.

Last week we spoke about the USDCAD price action. In the previous post we mentioned that the pair was trading and in-between consolidation. . The pair hasn’t been able to move or break past the consolidation zones. In the chart price trades within Resistance level 1.31167 and support level 1.30387. USDCAD H4 chart 24 […]


The Nasdaq price fails to move past resistance level.

The Nasdaq has been a very interesting pair to trade. We’ve seen the Nasdaq price action fail to move past resistance level 12179.4 on three different intervals. Now with price currently trading at 11957.1 .We ask a question. Will price break bullish or bearish. #NDXm H4 chart 23 November 2020 Learn how to trade Looking […]


USDJPY PRICE Pattern signals for continuous sell

Its been a while since we last wrote about the USDJPY . We lastly sent out an analysis of the pair in September. Here’s a link to the previous post ( Up until now the pair has performed well. Fortunately our VIP traders received good signals about this movement. The USDJPY price pattern has signaled […]


The Gold price action could continue bullish.

On the 10th of November we sent out an analysis concerning the Gold price action. In that post we highlighted the possible levels we could trade the gold to. Since the time of that post up until now we haven’t seen any strong bullish movement from the gold. XAUUSD daily chart 18 November 2020 Learn […]


The USDCAD price action continues its bearish movement

The USDCAD price action has shown bearish continuation since last month after it’s retracement. We spoke about this pair last month. Click on the link for the previous analysis ( price trades at level 1.31059 which is our resistance = support level as seen on the H4 time frame. USDCAD Daily chart 16 November 2020 […]


The oil price action signals long term bullish potential.

A few days ago we sent out a signal concerning the oil price action . In that post (, we spoke about the possibilities of bullish price action towards certain levels. Level 39.30 and 41.58 was broken past with ease as price found resistance at its higher high at level 43.83 XTIUSD daily chart 12 […]


The AUDUSD price action moves past important levels.

The AUDUSD price action has been breaking levels since the beginning of November. We think that price may continue it’s bullish long term trend. Last month we wrote about the pair and how it was holding above a major key support level. Click on link for proper reference . Since our last post price […]


The XAUUSD price dramatically falls short

Yesterday’s trading session left buyers surprised after price plummeted .The XAUUSD price dropped about 11 000 points after it found resistance at level 1962.98 .The daily close signaled a change in direction up until today’s open. Today you may notice price move bullish after finding support at level 1882.11 XAUUSD Daily Chart 10 November 2020 […]


Will the NZDUSD soar bullish?

We sent out an analysis on the NZDUSD last week. In that post we mentioned that if price held above the resistance level 0.66690 on the daily. Then we could see price move to the target level 0.67930. The link below can be used as reference After a couple of market sessions we have […]


The Gold price action finds support at important level.

It has been weeks since we last spoke about the XAUUSD. In the last post you may’ve noticed how price failed to break past level 1849.78 .The same applies in today’s post. The Gold price action finds support at level 1849.78 after sellers push market bearish for weeks. XAUUSD H4 Chart 5 November 2020 Learn […]