Gold vs Currencies

What is the Gold Standard?

There was once a time in history, where a monetary system was introduced to replace barter trade. The gold standard was originally implemented as a gold specie (money in the form of coins rather than notes) standard. However, this too ended. First, in the United Kingdom. Then, the rest of the world later followed suit […]


Learn how to trade I expect many of you have heard the rumours concerning the covid-19. The most recent ones being that, the new vaccine should be tested on Africans. In today’s post (Clarity: VACCINE TESTING ON AFRICANS) I explain what’s actually happening; THE RACE TOWARDS THE COVID19 VACCINE Scientists all around the world are […]

How COVID-19 affects different classes

Learn how to trade The earth needs to move, has to move and has been moving ever since its creation. In whatever scope you choose to magnify, you realize that movement, advancement, progressiveness and growth have all been embedded into the fabric of every inch of our society. The economy is constantly varying, societal cultures […]