Will the NDXm price find resistance at its all time ?

We last spoke about the NDXm price action on March. In that post we explained how price plummeted before finding support at level 12818.0 .Our analysts also predicted that if price closed above level 13123.8 we could see price trade bullish. The link below is the previous post in which we spoke about.( Nasdaq H4 […]


The ether price action trades above previous high

We last spoke about the ethereum on February where price found resistance at level 1978.0233 .This level was set to be the all time high at the time. Since then then the ether price action plummeted before finding support and soaring bullishly to break past its previous all time high and set new boundaries for […]


Will ether prices break past its higher high?

For sometime now we’ve seen the ether prices trade within levels and failing to break past them. Our analysts have seen price consolidate within levels 1755.4276 and the all time high 1978.0233. We currently ask a question will price trade bullish or bearish ? ETHUSD daily chart 22 March 2021 Learn how to trade Looking […]


Gold buyers push market bullish away from 1678.96

The gold has been on a bearish run for sometime now . We’ve seen sellers push the market bearish to lows that we haven’t reached in months. Now with price currently trading at level 1724.59 . We ask a question? What next for the gold now. Gold buyers push market away from support level 1678.96 […]


The oil retraces after hitting higher high.

For sometime now we’ve seen the oil maintain a strong and consistent bullish run. The oil and been trending bullishly since the begin of this year. Just a few days ago we saw the oil trade at its higher high set at level 67.71 before pulling back bearish. Because the oil retraces after hitting higher […]


Will the ETHUSD price action move past higher high?

We last wrote about the ETHUSD price action on the 13 February. In that post price traded at level 1771.8260 where it found resistance before falling short to new lows. We saw seller push the market to level 1296.2817 where price found support before pushing up a bit. ETHUSD Daily chart 8 March 2021 Learn […]