About FXSit(s)- Smart investment trading

FXSit(s) – smart investment Trading(s) is a start-up fund manager founded in south Africa. Designed to protect and grow the wealth of clients/investors. We have built an exceptional team of professional traders who are solely focused on refining our investment process each day, to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Our company process is founded under moral principles those such as Honesty, Integrity and truth. Thus resulting in every investment decisions that are mechanical and not based on feelings but only facts. We are tenacious and committed as well as accountable for what we deliver. We partner with our clients/investors until the initial solution is delivered.

We acknowledge that discipline and consistent application of our investment strategy will result in the generation of superior returns for our investors over the timeline of our partnership.

Our Team

Our team consists of a collection of traders with unique skill sets which assists in analyzing the market and making key trade decisions. Our team members are exceptional traders with endless talent, skills and outsized confidence to win. We are constantly finding ways to better our trading skills by researching, optimizing and finding innovative systems and strategies to trade the markets.

Our progress

Forex Courses 93%
Signal 80%
PAMM 80%
Forex Brokers 83%

Our Work

Our work is to manage a pool of money, Supply quality signals,introduce traders to the best brokers and teach forex to beginning traders. 

We trade the forex market with this pool of money in return to make a profit. Investors join our PAMM program thus giving us control to manage their money. Through the PAMM investors simultaneously trade the pairs we trade. Thus exposing the investor to wins and loses.

Our aim is to ensure that we consistently grow the account every month. Our long term goal is to consistently grow accounts by either doubling/tripling of account sizes each year.

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